Thursday, August 20, 2009

late summer in the gallery

The gallery is chock-full of delicious craft/art and fine art. Over this long summer, our artists have been delivering fresh new works you might not have seen yet.

Terrie Corbett has joined us! She 'paints' on glass with vitreous enamel and then fires the glass, creating rich abstractions.

Our 'Architects-As-Artists' show continues through next week. Then Valerie Goodwin's large architectural studio quilt/maps will leave to be a part of her teaching stint in California. Rick Rado's abstract paintings will remain in the gallery through September.

As Valerie's quilts go, Linda Clark's original watercolors of sunflowers will come in. Nothing represents late summer in North Florida more than ripe, mature sunflowers! This year, she has them large and small, as well as printed onto note cards, greeting cards, china mugs and as frame-able prints!

We have collages by three different artists: Courtney Prahl continues to produce her delightful works of houses, birds and trees. Claudia Howat has produced several of alligators and one of flowers. And Charity Wood's digital collages juxtapose personal photos with color graphic images.

We have a serious collection of great earrings! Our art jewelry collection is truly good, representing the talent of 20 Tallahassee designers.

And, if you're going away for Labor Day or any of the fall holidays, we have a great selection of 'hostess gifts' like wine coasters, cheese boards & trays, handwoven linens, and soaps! All handcrafted by artists; all handmade in America! Come see!

Friday, July 3, 2009


This next week will see the beginning of our 'Ahhhhh... abstracts!' exhibit in the gallery. It kicks off with the work of two architectural designers who also teach design in the Design Studios of University of South Florida and Florida A&M University.

Tampa Bay architect Rick Rado's abstract canvases and works on paper will fill the exhibit with the light only a brilliant abstract can. We will be hanging 7 of his canvases and many of his smaller works.

Tallahassee architect Valerie Goodwin's studio quilts are architectural and abstract works in fiber. We will be hanging large and small pieces.

The work of these two architects/artists were chosen to work together in this exhibit. Juxtaposing materials and methods, their works create an interesting mix of color, movement and emotion, and their intellects receive full play.

We have also invited Tallahassee architect Mary Jo Spector to exhibit more of her prints of pen-and-ink drawings of aquatic birds and animals and colorful live oaks.

This should be a fun, summer-long show. Please visit Humidity Gallery Monday through Friday, 10-5; and Saturday, 10-4.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Delicious Southern Craft/Art!

Whether you're just starting out in life, or downsizing because you're a new empty-nester, well-chosen craft enhances your home environment. From textiles to ceramics to glass to basketry, design and artfulness will bring sunlight into your rooms.

Humidity Gallery's collection of artists and art continues to grow and grow. Our craft/art and fine art objects are selected for their novelty, beauty and craftsmanship. Works churn through the gallery frequently, keeping our collection fresh and making return visits well worth the effort.

June is a time for weddings and Father's Day. We have many beautiful gifts in all price ranges. We have artist cards, too.

Handmade items add interest and value to ordinary daily rituals. From ceramic tea services to wood and glass serving accessories, you will find wonderful things to help you enjoy small moments as well as entertaining larger crowds.

For the porch and patio, we now have 3 handmade Adirondack chairs in bright colors to help you welcome summer outdoor living. Cast-concrete garden art pretty enough to adorn your interior or exterior abounds. And ceramic luminaria to light your way.

Stop by often to see what's new! You never know what you'll find in Humidity!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Inspiring New Work in the Gallery!

Tallahassee and the Southeast region are filled with talented artists and this week Humidity Gallery received the work of two wonderful artists of the 'humid zone.'

Brian Bachman's masterful pottery has arrived. We have two exquisite handbuilt lamps, which incorporate pottery shards joined to stained glass and standing on a base of wood. Both the bases of the lamps and the shades are beautifully constructed. His two tea sets include a tea pot, 4 cups, and a wonderful tray platform in clay/wood/metal, creating a wonderful presentation. In addition to these, we have 3 serving platters and an assortment of drinking vessels. Brian's glazes are gorgeous, with lines are both timeless and contemporary. He observes the comforting rituals of life and produces pieces that support them.

Marian Barrows' wave sculptures are arrived at through traditional basket techniques. Following an experiemental impulse, she creates metal armature to support a wave form and builds upon this with the coil technique. She uses fine yarns instead of reed or raffia, and arrives at beautiful color. These forms can be presented in variety of positions, and even hung on a wall or dangled by a thread so they swirl around, revealing different views of their surfaces. She also makes small round baskets and baskets that stand up. Marian lived in Tallahassee for a long time and now resides in California. Her close relationships with people in our area connect her to the 'humid zone.'

John Roberge's new trio of paintings is a small series inspired by our famous intown lake: Lake Ella. His gentle, comforting images show a crowd of turtles on a turtle float, a park bench standing in floodwater and a duck. John paints in acrylic and focuses on the familiar natural environment of the Tallahassee area.

Linda Clark's watercolors of sunflowers have returned! We have one large original and 4 small originals in the gallery, as well as a handful of sunflower prints. Nothing says summer in our area quite like these beautiful giants. They are some of our earliest memories of 'place' in this locale. And Linda captures their personalities perfectly.

Alice Cappa's new white woven shawl is the perfect summer weight. And she promises more in just a few weeks. Alice weaves beautiful wearable pieces for all seasons. In summer, they are like clouds.

This is a great season to visit Humidity Gallery again! Our artists continue to invent and create gorgeous handcrafted pieces for your enjoyment. From wearable to decorative, each is handmade in our culture. Visiting the gallery is a lot like visiting a wonderful art show. Easy to park and browse, the gallery is a great respite from the busy world. A great collection of gifts, too!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

art isn't a 'luxury item"

Art is fundamentally important to the human race. Indeed, it's been noted that it is precisely 'art for art's sake' that sets us apart from the other creative animals.

Honeybees and ants and birds and beavers and spiders are all architectural artists, but their 'art' is in service to their physical survival. Building honeycombs and subterranean tunnels, nests, webs and dams, great beauty comes from our animal neighbors. Functional art, as it were.

But our species also makes art for the soulful necessity of the thing itself. The artist must participate in the conjuring and making of art. A beautiful line or shape, a 3-dimensional contour, color, texture, composition all exist deep within our psyche, making us truly human.

Craft art elevates the merely functional invention to high design, funky interpretation, and deep consideration of material, method, detail. A clumsy basket will surely hold apples as well as an elegant one, but oh how the elegant one does more than just contain the apples!

One can get lost in the detail and expertise of a well-crafted piece. Look into beautiful woodgrain, notice how well a ceramic bowl is turned, merge with the tiny glass beads of a woven creation, and you will see the hand of God in the artist's hand as he or she created a masterwork.

Even in these economic times, life is better with beautiful things to comfort us and to set our imaginations free. Selecting handcrafted works from artisans in our own region means that an economy will keep flowing. And giving gifts of handmade things is a lovely thing to do.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

spring arrives at the gallery...

Could it get any greener than it is on this gorgeous spring Saturday? The gallery open and an art show downtown. Today's local energy is all about art and spring.

Bird-related art in great abundance... the first hints of Mother's Day ideas... new notecards, beadwork, and wine accessories to tempt us... art clothing... (Marian Reid's hand-dyed onesies and T-shirts are extraordinary gifts for young ones and Karen Swing's recycled/hand-dyed blouses are perfect for spring-into-summer.)

Amazing handcrafted herbal soaps from Rose's Botanicals make supreme hostess gifts. Customers buy them again and again, reporting on delicious aromas in their homes with these soaps around. Added bonus: they're wrapped in highly original fibers making them visually beautiful as well as sweet-scented.

Who wouldn't want to saunter in during this sweet season? We're an art festival every day.

Friday, April 10, 2009

for the birds

We love our artful avian friends, and Humidity is filled with beautiful bird craft and art. So we're celebrating April with a nod to all the birds populating the 'humid zone.'

Here's a sampling:

Gorgeous embroidered birds adorn handmade leather purses, made by the Bashir family of Kashmir. Local family members brought these to our attention and told us that the proceeds from these purses benefit 19 of their family members, who work together in a cottage industry.

Leslie Cohen is a fun fiber artist tuned in to the world of sock monsters and soft sculpture. She has brought in piecework birds walking around on long spindly legs. She's also concocted felted cardinals to dangle from your ceiling.

Water fowl are featured in Linda Clark's boxed sets of notecards. Herons and other water birds wade in quiet shallows. Her notecards are reproductions of her original watercolors, and come in sets of six cards.

Potter Mary Rault's charming ceramic birdhouses feature graceful leaves on their roofs. Hang these on your porch or in your garden for a beautiful accent.

Mary Jo Spector's prints and notecards are from her pen and ink drawings. She suggests beautiful birds (and other wildlife) in a minimum of pen strokes. Black and white, the prints are matted.

Starr Payne fabricates great little birdhouses from fine silver. Starr is a master at the precious metal clay process and this little series of bird-friendly work is unique. Necklace and earrings with little round birdhouses and beads are great wearable pieces.

Alicia Rosanske works with her husband, Dick, on such ephemeral things as folded-paper boxes and gift bags. Now they have brought in bird mobiles that flutter on the breeze and swing around, never failing to amuse us. One is of cardinals, one of hummingbirds and one is of pelicans.

Courtney Prahl's original collages and reproductions in little prints and notecards feature birds regularly. She has an of-the-moment flare, and creates images that are quite lovely.

Susan Frisbee and Carol Nahoom have invented beautiful mosaic birdbaths that sit on iron stands. Susan's is a bold teal with lime green dragonflies, while Carol's is an earthy pink with mauve dragonflies. Both have incorporated recycled glass, old pottery and other ingredients. These will bring beautiful color and birds to outdoor living spaces.

Carlos Montano is famous for reproducing the beautiful designs of Christine Sibley in cast concrete. Now he has added Lovebirds to the collection. These come in romantic little pairs, to sit anywhere you want a small, natural accent in your world.

Kathleen Wilcox has made a career in copper enamel. She has long featured aquatic birds in her pieces, large and small. We are featuring her marvelous wearable brooches that perch on a special wall tile when not being worn. Many have bird motifs.

Humidity features mainly one-of-a-kind craftworks and so all of these things are offered in very limited editions. Blink, and they've flown! So fly on in to the gallery today to collect these fine-feathered friends!