Friday, July 3, 2009


This next week will see the beginning of our 'Ahhhhh... abstracts!' exhibit in the gallery. It kicks off with the work of two architectural designers who also teach design in the Design Studios of University of South Florida and Florida A&M University.

Tampa Bay architect Rick Rado's abstract canvases and works on paper will fill the exhibit with the light only a brilliant abstract can. We will be hanging 7 of his canvases and many of his smaller works.

Tallahassee architect Valerie Goodwin's studio quilts are architectural and abstract works in fiber. We will be hanging large and small pieces.

The work of these two architects/artists were chosen to work together in this exhibit. Juxtaposing materials and methods, their works create an interesting mix of color, movement and emotion, and their intellects receive full play.

We have also invited Tallahassee architect Mary Jo Spector to exhibit more of her prints of pen-and-ink drawings of aquatic birds and animals and colorful live oaks.

This should be a fun, summer-long show. Please visit Humidity Gallery Monday through Friday, 10-5; and Saturday, 10-4.

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